Online course Highlights of Classic and Contemporary Russian Novels (English spoken)

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Deze cursus wordt gegeven in het Engels / This course is taught in English. 

Several classical and contemporary Russian novels have a scientist as their main character: how can a scientific perspective on life pick up the most important spiritual traits of present day society? And how can science give a spiritual meaning to life? In this series of lessons I will invite you to reflect on these questions.

During this cycle of 5 lessons I will quickly guide you through the most salient moments of Russian and European cultural history, from the late XIX century to the present days. On this background, I will introduce you to some of the most beautiful and powerful novels, in which the authors have left the task of interpreting reality, finding the Truth, and showing this to the nation, in the hands of a scientist, who often is also a poet, prophet, and a sacrificial victim.

Lesson 1: Dostoyevsky and XIX century Russia. Reflections on science in Dostoyevsky's "Notes from Underground". Lesson 2: XX century Russia.
Lesson 3: Pasternak's "Doctor Zhivago".
Lesson 4: Grossman's "Life and Fate".
Lesson 5: Scientists, poets, and prophets.

Online interactive course:
 This groupcourse is offered online in a virtual classroom.
What do you need to  be able to participate? A computer, a laptop or a tablet, a webcam, built in or stand alone, and an internet connection. 

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Mw. A. (Alessandra) Piatti

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A. (Alessandra) Piatti
The topic of science and scientists in Russian literature has always fascinated me, and in a way I have organised my professional trajectory around it: having studied Russian philology in Italy, and having spent some years working in Siberia and Georgia, 10 years ago I moved from Tbilisi to Nijmegen, and from the field of Russian literature to neuroscience.