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Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam – your key to a wider world of knowledge, culture and creativity.

With more than 700 courses, lectures, excursions and guided tours covering arts, culture, social issues, twenty languages, computers and the media, crafts and DIY, Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam meets the challenge of our natural curiosity about the world we live in, giving us
an opportunity to explore our talents and to keep abreast of developments in society.

On a Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam course, our students can share and widen their knowledge and
skills, enabling them to fully participate in society.

Knowing more about the past and present history of their city strengthens the common bond between the citizens of Amsterdam. Guided walks through the city or lectures on how the city has come to be what it is, its structure and architecture and the immigration and emigration of its inhabitants, and how they have affected the city’s life.

The ongoing kaleidoscopic changes in the city’s life demand an active and creative response from all its people. That requires skills allowing them to fully participate and contribute. Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam offers courses such as public speaking, assertivity, computing skills, using digital devices such as cell phones, and much more besides.

Add your voice to debate in the city!
Learn and/or improve your Dutch language skills.

Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam is partner of the Expatcenter AmsterdamVolksuniversiteit Amsterdam is partner of the Expatcenter Amsterdam

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